The Strigoi

An old curse haunted the Transylvanian lands for many years. It’s not a physical malady, but rather one of the soul, or more precisely, its absence.

Whispers of these beings fill the homes of the people, spoken with fear trembling in their voices. Only a few have laid eyes on them, and even fewer have survived to recount their tales. They named them Strigoi, after the screeches these beings howled into the night. They are creatures of the night, unearthed remnants of the dead, wandering aimlessly in packs. Lurking in the shadows of caves, veiled by darkness. Mindless, neither requiring food nor drink, they become ravenous, exhibiting strength surpassing that of wolves, driven by some mysterious nocturnal summons. Timotei The Deaf documents in his chronicles:

Jupan Codru graced me with an account of these nefarious monsters. Their barren skulls bore empty, maggot-riddled eye sockets. Long, thin hair. Talon-like fingernails. Their rotting skin stretched over skeletal frames, and withered lips parted to reveal fangs, a grotesque gift of their affliction.” — Timotei the Deaf, Anno Mundi 6978

Some say they port the end of days, while others believe their origin lies south of the mountains, in a village of Wallachia. A dedicated order has arisen, committed to uncovering their genesis and uprooting their very source.

Daniel Alexandrescu

Romanian indie author currently based in Cyprus. Freelance content writer and ghostwriter. Co-founder of CVLTARTES Magazine.

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