Daniel Alexandrescu is a 33-year-old Romanian self-published author currently residing in Cyprus. Find him on Instagram, Facebook, and on Threads.

His writing journey began at the age of 12 with short stories, and by 14 he started drafting a fantasy novel that remained unfinished. During his college years, Daniel had an opportunity to publish a volume of poetry, but the project was not completed.

He has a bachelor’s in philosophy and a mix of technical skills due to the various jobs he worked at. Daniel has been engaged in writing for about 20 years, both for personal projects or blogging and as a freelance journalist, content writer, and copywriter. In 2014, he co-founded CVLTARTES, an unconventional culture webzine.

The idea for a fantasy novel drawing inspiration from Romanian folktales emerged in 2020. Despite several interruptions, Daniel committed fully to this project in September 2023, leaving his last job to focus on the novel.

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