The Hollow Mountain

When the great Fire-Knights arrived on these lands, borne from realms of midnight and sunrise, they chose this mountain as their home. Amidst the myriad domains they traversed, the Hollow Mountain towered supreme.

They were creators, builders, and masons. Architects of worlds. Earth was their kin, and the endless sky was their mentor and guide. Drawing flame and might from both, they journeyed across the heavens and earth. The mighty beast tamers, clad in amber armor that glittered like stars, with manes set ablaze, descending from their fiery steeds, dire wolves at heel. Bringers of wisdom. Masters of the elements. When the Earthborn beheld these fire gods, they fought to protect their kin and woodlands. Yet their primitive weapons faltered against the almighty travelers’ bronze arms.

But in the wake of conflict, as embers of hostility faded, the bronze knights shared their lore with the Earthborn. They imparted the sacred tongues of Earth and Sky—bending wild animals, taming winds, rivers, and mountains to their will. And though they traveled across ages and realms, calling many a land home, it was here, within Hollow Mountain’s depths, their journey ceased.

Daniel Alexandrescu

Romanian indie author currently based in Cyprus. Freelance content writer and ghostwriter. Co-founder of CVLTARTES Magazine.

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