Codru is the main character of ‘Hailbringer: A Romanian Folktale’.

Born in a small Wallachian village in 1430, his life as a sword-for-hire has made him a loner, known for his arrogance and short temper. His skills in combat are unmatched, often leaning towards merciless. His past, filled with childhood traumas and years as an assassin, haunts him. These experiences have left visible marks, like his sunken, darkened eyes and waxy skin—consequences of his violent migraines and substance abuse. Underneath his tough exterior, Codru hides his fears and vulnerabilities. Physically, Codru is of average height and muscular, with an athletic build. His striking features include blue-gray eyes and long, crimson-wavy hair. His appearance, once youthful, now carries a ruggedness from his challenging life.

He dresses practically: a white shirt with leather straps, dark breeches, and leather boots. Initially, he wears a dark hooded cloak, later replaced with a traditional Oltenian ipingea. His weapons, a hatchet-turned-battle axe and an Ottoman scimitar, reflect his combat style. He also carries a pouch with a birch-bark scroll and herbs under his cloak. Codru’s character is complex, hiding his inner turmoil behind a facade of indifference. He’s seen as handsome yet unapproachable, a man whose life experiences have shaped him into a wary and introspective individual.

Daniel Alexandrescu

Romanian indie author currently based in Cyprus. Freelance content writer and ghostwriter. Co-founder of CVLTARTES Magazine.

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