Author’s Updates | March 2024

Hi friends,

I wanted to provide an update for everyone who’s been following my writing journey over the past six months. There are some things I’m letting go of, some I’m actively working on, and a few I am still currently planning.

Firstly, I’ve decided to unpublish both the Patreon page and the Gumroad shop. They’ve served their purpose well, documenting my journey with Hailbringer and offering perks to my followers. With the book now released for two months and the website up and running, maintaining these platforms became counterintuitive and time-consuming. Thank you to all who supported me through them.

As it’s already mentioned on the website, I’m currently immersed in crafting a series of short stories set in the world of Hailbringer: A Romanian Folktale. These stories will delve into the lives of characters from the book, enriching the narrative without altering its core.

While I’m very pleased with the reception and reviews of Hailbringer, I feel compelled to leave no stone unturned. There is a lot of lore that didn’t make it to the final draft. Even across almost 400 pages, it still wasn’t enough to fully explore and express everything I wanted to. Here’s an example.

Each short story will debut individually on the book’s website as soon as it’s completed, with subscribers receiving notifications upon publication. Once all are finished, they’ll be compiled into a standalone book, available for free on Kindle. Additionally, I plan to integrate them into the forthcoming hardcover edition of Hailbringer’s revised 2nd edition.

Balancing all this creative endeavour alongside my daytime job slows the progress somewhat, but no worries, it’s all in motion.

There are other plans too, though I’ll keep some details under wraps for now since it’s in its early stages and I haven’t taken any action towards them yet. Let’s just say you might spot an Instagram post seeking a sketch artist for collaboration soon. Give it a follow so you won’t miss it.

I think that’s all for now. Your support in reading my book means everything. Feel free to share your honest opinions on Goodreads or Amazon—it’s incredibly valuable to me. Oh, and if you appreciate my work and want to buy me a beer, you can do so here.

Daniel Alexandrescu

Romanian indie author currently based in Cyprus. Freelance content writer and ghostwriter. Co-founder of CVLTARTES Magazine.

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