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Join Codru on a journey through the forests of Transylvania and traverse the desolate, sickened wastelands of Wallachia, where every step tells a story of glory and despair. Discover hidden caves and grottos shrouded in legends and hear stories of ancient Dacian and Roman ruins, their stones still echoing with the footsteps of forgotten warriors. Great castles and fortresses stand as silent sentinels, guarding the secrets of this land. Many of these places are forbidden, holding dangers untold and mysteries unsolved. The path is one of discovery and peril, leading to the shores of the Black Sea, where the horizon whispers of a cursed place—a nameless dread that should never be uttered.

About the Book

‘Hailbringer: A Romanian Folktale’ is a dark fantasy novel inspired by Romanian folklore and history. Set in mid-fifteenth century, it introduces Codru, a retired sword-for-hire in his thirties grappling with a violent past. Seeking an escape from his life of brutality, he returns to the land he once called home. As he fights to sever the ties to his malevolent past, he embarks on a journey where the lines between reality and myth blur, leading to a quest for redemption.

Folklore and Mythology

The lands of ‘Hailbringer’ are woven with a rich tapestry of legends, ancient myths, and traditions. These folklores, echoing from the times of the Ancient Dacians, have been preserved and passed down through generations, finding their voice in the diverse cultures that have traversed the Carpathian realm. These tales, rich with the wisdom of Moșii, the Elders, have been transmitted word-of-mouth, enduring through the ages. The retired mercenary finds himself caught in a labyrinth of mythos that permeates every crevice of Wallachian land. The voices of these stories, once whispered to him in childhood beneath the Hollow Mountain, now echo with the winds. If only he would listen, they might reveal secrets that he could use.

Character Spotlight

On his travels, Codru encounters an array of characters, from potential allies to hidden enemies. The dark corners of the woods, the sombre depths of the mountains, and the mysterious abyss of the waters are home to various creatures he has yet to meet. Some are powerful wild beasts seeking food or shelter. Others, however, are beings of legend, spoken of in whispers by old maids around their hearths, both revered and feared. Whether he meets a man, woman, beast, or unearthly being, the crimson-haired ‘lefegiu’, Codru, has learned through harsh experiences that appearances can be deceiving: not all apparent foes are enemies, and not every friend harbors good intentions. Tread carefully now!

Hailbringer Stories

While the journey of the ‘Hailbringer’ novel has reached its conclusion, the saga continues. Feel free to visit this page for an evolving collection of free tales and short stories, each woven into the same setting. These narratives are integral threads that enrich the world and shed light on the origins of familiar characters. Among these, you’ll also find the unique chronicles of the young Timotei the Deaf. His accounts, whether recounting events from his perspective or as told by Codru, will offer a fresh viewpoint on the events of the novel. The most popular of these short stories will be selected and compiled into the hardcover edition of ‘Hailbringer: A Romanian Folktale’. All subscribers will be updated whenever a new tale is released.