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hailbringer |

In the last post, 8 months ago, I talked about becoming a Master of Science and entering into a new phase of my life.

Much has happened since then. I created a book, worked 5 months as a software engineer at HolidayCheck, joined the London Real Academy, built a tvOS app, created another blog and website, started my own company, began a video log and successfully applied for a business accelerator.

Much is gonna happen in 2016. But this blog on hailbringer.com does not directly relate to my goals for next year, when I’ll focus on my business.

However, I’m still gonna blog about my journey as an entrepreneur over at flowtoolz.com/blog. The posts there mostly relate to software development, business, specific projects and self development.

The name Hailbringer refers to the project HAIL which stands for Human-Audio Interaction Lab. That project has moved to the background, to be honest. For now it is not the best project to establish a business with. It is experimental, complex, artistic and has a relative tiny market.

I certainly will resume and re-evaluate HAIL at some point when I have the resources to do a project like that, and that is actually a good thing for the product.

You may follow my journey at flowtoolz.com/blog. Now I wish you well on yours. May you enjoy an excellent year 2016!

Imagine you've been in jail for 25 years. Behind bars, you eagerly learned how to be successful, happy and free in the world outside. Everything you did was about the outside, the afterwards. In an ever suffocating present, you endured paralysis and depression and built yourself up again and again, holding on to your hope for a better future.

And now, you're being released. Would you feel like you've accomplished anything? Probably not. But words couldn't describe the relief and excitement. And that's how I feel right now. I've always lived with the unease of being under a dome: at school, at another school, at the army, at university, at another university. Now, for the first time, I'm not only free to move forward but also able to do so with consciousness and deliberation.

No university degree can ever make up for those troubled times. And yet, this is a turning point. I feel like a newborn just because those times are now a past life. This new life will accellerate everything and I'm ready for the ride. It's about time. Hell yeah! It's time to deeply reconnect with that child that was sent to school 25 years ago. Time to follow that curiosity, nourish that flow experience and celebrate that creativity.

A long story is coming to an end. The thesis is being printed and bound. And I'm preparing my final academic talk, which I'll give in four days.

I won't make the thesis public for a while because I hope to grow some cool product out of it. *fingers crossed* However, you may already read its TOC and first few pages. If you're a researcher or interested in some collaboration, feel free to contact me and I'll probably send you the full version.

Ich suche noch Künstler, Komponisten, Musiker, Songwriter, Nerds, Beat-Schrauber, Hobby-Produzenten, Home Recording Artists oder sonstige Music Hipsters die für meine Master-Thesis an einer Studie teilnehmen.

Voraussetzung Wenigstens etwas Erfahrung mit Musik-Software oder noch besser mit DAWs wie z.Bsp. GarageBand, Cubase, Logic, ProTools, Live oder Reason
Dauer Etwa 1h, höchstens 90min
Vergütung Pauschal 15€
Was Dich erwartet Interview, Auseinandersetzung mit dem Prototypen einer Kompositions-Software am iPad, Ton wird aufgenommen
Thema “Interaktions-Design für Mobile Musik-Komposition”
Ort Raum Konstanz, gern auch in Uni oder FH
Kontakt seb@hailbringer.com

Vielen Dank für Euer Interesse!


Besides HAIL, there are lots of other app concepts in the pipeline. Someday, some of them will see the light of day. And somehow, all of these ideas are connected. I’m beginning to see where all of this is going. So I found a name for it. Check out the Flowtoolz Manifesto for more. Flowtoolz may become a company at some point, but then again, that is just formality.

Yeah, about that thesis... It's not that important, anyway. I might as well give it a shot. So I kept buggering on. And here it is: the penultimate academic justification that will ever slow down the development of HAIL. Promise.

Apart from documentation, HAIL itself made some real progress along the way. It never fails to keep me excited. By the way, the implementation is completely in line with the Diamond Tree Architecture. See the project paper for more.

Knowledge as an abstract quality of the mind is worthless. Only as an embodied capability does it serve us. Without embodiment, knowledge is a golden calf. Without embodiment, we are truly mindless.

The fingers of a pianist are obviously knowledgeable. A scientist, on the other hand, delves far out into the space of abstraction where he faces a great risk of getting lost. If he comes full circle and brings some value into the world, he is a master. If the endeavour turns out to be pointless and he leaves the ship and returns to earth, he is still a master. But if he cannot let go of abstract knowledge, the ship becomes his master.

After too many days of paralysis and dark thoughts, I sense there may be no need for a piece of paper that proposes I am a Master of Science. Maybe there is no need for another label to identify myself with.

I realized that this endeavour to attain a master degree is, to a great extent, ego-driven. And although the goal seems so close at hand, there may not be enough time left to cleanse myself of the attachments that hold me back ... to tear down the success barriers within.

This is, at least, one part of the truth ... that I seek myself in an abstract idea called master degree - an illusion that drains more life energy than it can ever return. Maybe it's time to practice letting go and truly be the master of my life.

Finally. The deserts of theory are behind me. The gardens of programming lie ahead. I submitted my overlong master seminar paper to my advisor.

The paper presents a framework for developing innovative music composition software. The requirements that emerge from research heavily overlap with my intuitive predictions but, anyway, they'll make the master thesis more solid and grounded in research. Now, I'm just happy to return to modelling and prototyping HAIL (Human-Audio Interaction Lab) for the iPad.

Kunst als Schule der Wahrnehmung

Bei Kunstinterpretation geht es nicht darum die Botschaft des Künstlers zu dechiffrieren. Dass Kunst einfach ein Vehikel für Aussagen sei, ist ein Mythos der durch staatliche Schulbildung geschürt wird und vielen Menschen die Freude an der Kunst ausgetrieben hat. Ein Werk das weder einen Gebrauchswert aufweist noch irgendeinen Wahrheitsanspruch erhebt muss man stattdessen als psychologisches Phänomen und als Indiz der menschlichen Natur begreifen, gerade dann, wenn es nicht für intellektuelle Rezeption sondern für kommerzielle Verwertung bestimmt ist.

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